Meats Don't Clash...
Remember when…

the Orioles were the OrioLOLs?

I do.




Oh, Adam Lind, how I’ve missed your tight pants all winter.

Here’s me about Brett Lawrie…

You know how you have a dog, right? And your dog is great. He’s not perfect. He’s got chronically itchy skin and farts a lot and steals things off the counters and humps dogs at the park and doesn’t fetch. Sometimes you have to yell at him to get him to listen.

But he’s got so many lovely qualities that, over time, none of those things matter. You have those amazing moments where you don’t even have to use words to communicate: a gesture, a sound, a look.

He gets me and I get him and we’re a good team and I love him. Others may turn their noses up at some of his less appealing habits, but everyone who knows him, loves him, too.

But occasionally you meet another dog, either a neighbor or at the dog park, who never has to be yelled at. Never steals off the counters. Comes when called. Leaps dramatically into the water to fetch tennis balls and drops it right back at his owner’s feet.

Everybody loves this dog. He’s handsome and strong and energetic and does everything asked of him. He’s entertaining and everyone pays attention to him and fawns over him.

Brett Lawrie is Perfect Dog. I admire his capabilities and his vigor. But he’s not mine and I resent that he’s showing up and being so perfect.

Especially when MY awesome dog, who isn’t perfect, but is really great, IS STUCK IN VEGAS.

Gah. Stupid Lawrie. Thanks for beating the Red Sox.

Not backpedaling, but…

Okay, fine. He’s good at baseball. But I still hate him.


Is he cute?

*googling… *



Just sayin’

Jays are 0-1 at home with Lawrie in the line-up.

Bye bye (again), Lunchbox

Just when my head is explody from loving the Jays, they pull a stunt like this and send Snidey back to Vegas.

I dunno what’s so great about this Lawrie kid but he’s on a short leash in my world. He seems sorta lame on Twitter, too. #capitaloffense

Watching Project Runway right now, so I’ll just say this: Make it work, Anthopoulos!



Q&A: Travis Snider

Cats or dogs?


Rock or hip-hop?


Beaches or museums?




Salt or sugar?


Boxers or briefs?

Boxer briefs.

The delightful @lunchboxhero45 ponders how to improve fan seating at Skydome

Pet the Snidey….

Baseball phrases I like:

I like words. I’m a word nerd even more than a sports nerd, so sometimes sports words get all up in my word nerd kitchen and I feel at peace with my little universe.

Two I heard today related to beisbol:

I love when they say a pitcher was “dealing.” I like it a lot less when he’s dealing against MY team (screw you, Tim Hudson!) but still, I love that term. It’s so visceral.

Also, “scored standing up” makes me giggle. When I hear it on the radio or read it, I have an entirely different scenario in my head than a guy just running across home base. More like that scene from 8 Mile. You know the one. *ahem*

NOW it’s baseball season….

After watching 104 games of Aeros hockey, I saw my boys fall 2 wins short of a Calder Cup tonight. Tough one, but there can only be one winner and if it had to be someone else, I’m awfully glad it’s Binghamton. Maybe there is hope for Ottawa after all. (Just kidding…)

But now, the Blue Jays are all mine. My beautiful birdies will have my full attention.

Except for next week when the Pirates are in town playing the Astros. Lyle Overbay will have my attention then. Mr.C is out of town so I may just go crazy and go to all the games. Why not? It’s baseball season!

Is it a foul to wear my Blue Jays shirt to an Astros v. Pirates game?